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A winter hat!

Country Code:CA
Submitted January 8th, 2006 by: newmillenium2005


How can a true-blooded Canadian possibly misspell 'toque'? Comment by: Calgary John    Rated:1/5
Actually, tuque is the French spelling for it. Toque and touque are English ways to spell it, but all are correct. Comment by: Sarah   
Someone didn't know that there are many ways to spell it? How can a true-blooded Canadian possibly not know that? Comment by: Haha   
He's from Cow Town, he can steer a cow but don't expect him to know how to read! Comment by: True Canadian    Rated:5/5
I never knew there were different spellings, so shut up t.cdn. be a stereotypical canadian and be nice Comment by: mel   
people, need to fight over spelling of the i just put it up there cause thats how its spelled! Comment by: newmillenium2005    Rated:5/5
Touque's are what we like to call Beenies!! Silly canadians with sexy accents Comment by: Sarah - Aussie   
i know! i love candian accents! ^^ Comment by: alicia    Rated:4/5
What? We don't have accents ... ? Comment by: Canadianalltheway   
aren't newfies and the east coasters the only ones with accents? i sure know i don't have one.. Comment by: berks   
Like aussies should have a jest about what a winter hat is called. Canada=snow. We are the best authoirty on the subject in the english world. Comment by: dh   
this guy is such a hoser eh? Comment by: Canadian hoser   
Being from Alberta doesn't prevent us from being able to read. How about a little civility, True Canadian? Comment by: Sketchguy   
There are MANY Canadian accents. To some Americans, Canadians from parts of southern Ontario don't say "house," "about," or "out;" they say "hoose," "aboot" and "oot." But in other parts of Canada, that accent doesn't exist. Comment by: Sketchguy   
Touques, beenies--try this one on. In my neck of the woods we call them toboggans. It is cool to hear other names for it. What I don't like is when people call it a hat. A hat is like a bowler or fedora to me. Oh, we also call a type of simple sled a toboggan. Comment by: VladK   
Yea, your accents are hardcore, maybe not for northerners who live in a similar environment, but the first time I visited CA I was shocked! Comment by: YO!Americano   
sarah don't explain anything. your the moron who had never heard of anglophone before. twit Comment by: anon   
according to it's ONLY for women. does that carry over to Canada? Comment by: auntie zaz   
actually we do have accents lol, only people outside of canada and the us tend to be able to pick em out tho Comment by: canuckian   
Lies. You all have accents. Comment by: Smitty    Rated:5/5
Just because you don't hear your accents doesn't mean they're not there. I have an accent. I can't hear it, but I'm sure you can. If you go to the U.K., do the people there have accents? To us, yes, but to them, WE'RE the ones with accents. Comment by: Susan   
Oh, yes, you do! I have a numerous amount of Canadian friends, and except for the ones who have lived in America for an extended, contiguous amount of time, there is a distinct Canadian accent! (: Comment by: ladeeda   
I talk very Canadian and my brother makes fun of me all the time but I think he has the accent. I'll admit when i came back from Russia I did have an accent but now i don't i don't think but all my friends say i have a Canadian accent. Comment by: Harper   
Hi five to being Aussie and loving sexy Canadian accents. I put on one sometimes but it fails :( Comment by: AussieCanadian   
we have accents ?? Comment by: Jay   
I seen it spelled toque, tuque and touque. Comment by: DylanE   


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