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Without clothes on; naked

Country Code:GB
Submitted June 18th, 2004 by: sandwitchLUDO


Its rare (usually elderly) Americans say "He/She is stark naked" it has the same meaning as naked. Comment by: Alex D   
Stark is not slang in the US. (probably not in the UK either) It means complete or extreme Comment by: Kathy   
Starkers is naked or in the Buff in Easterna and south England mainly use by persons over 45 years. Comment by: Jez A Bell   
I've only ever heard "stark" (US) used in the adverbial sense in the phrases "stark raving mad" and "stark naked." Oh, and of course, the slightly more recent "stark raving naked" ("naked" in this expression should be pronounced "nekkid"). So far as I'm aware, it is considered improper for any of these are to be used without irony. As I understand it, "starkers" (adj., UK) can mean either naked or insane. As an adjective (not slang) "stark" means "severe" or "grim" - useful when telling people about your trip to Siberia. Comment by: Meg   


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