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Sod Off

To get away. This could be used in a situation were someone is agitated and someone is bothering so they tell them to sod off. To get away (from me).

Country Code:GB
Submitted June 18th, 2004 by: sandwitchludo


Thanx! I wanted to know what that ment. One of my favorite tv shows says it all the time. Comment by: jarian   
This derives from "sodomy" (similar to "you old sod" being short for "you old Sodomite" -- typically used as a friendly jab), so it is like telling someone to go f themselves. Comment by: anon   
is it like BUGGER OFF (another brit slang)?? Comment by: sam   
On an episode of the show "Black Adder III", Blackadder asks Baldrick what his first name is. Baldrick replies "Sodoff", since his childhood playmates called him that whenever he met up with them. This also explains explains why his character is billed as "S. Baldrick" in the fourth season. Comment by: paskuniag   


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