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Woman's breast, always plural (usually two)

Submitted June 28th, 2002 by: Anonymous


and i thought that this was funny so ya good job lol Comment by: not telling    Rated:5/5
You can also use 'boites a lait'(milk box), 'miches', 'loches',etc Comment by: Herv    Rated:4/5
Not funny, very offensive! Comment by: Rname    Rated:1/5
Why is it offensive dude? Comment by: Young Diefenbaker    Rated:5/5
Maybe it might mix up with either a first name or last name? Comment by: some guy    Rated:3/5
In English "Dick" is slang for penis. And now I learn "Roberts" is French slang for a woman's breast. I got twice the problems you do, dude! Comment by: Dick Roberts    Rated:5/5
Well the term "Roberts" is a " french" slang (and almost an extinct slang) which is pronounced differently in french compared to the english pronounciation. So you got nothing to worry about. Comment by: toldyou    Rated:5/5
Well yeah, it would be spelt rowbears in french not "roberts" in english. Comment by: themoreyouknow    Rated:5/5
Tough luck Dick! Comment by: MM   
This term is old and stupid even for the majority of French people like myself. Just remove this ancient term. Comment by: anone   


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