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Queen "E"

referring to the Queen Elizabeth Way,(first divided highway in North America 1939-named after Queen Elizabeth II's mother, who was of course Queen in 1939) from Toronto to Fort Eire......"taking the Queen E to TO eh"

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Also commonly referred to simply as the QE2. Comment by: Leamop   
In Toronto we call it the QEW (queue-ee- double you) Comment by: Jaime   
I believe we spell it the "Queen Elizabeth Quay". Pronounced Way. Comment by: Katrina   
Actually Leamop, the QE2 is a highway in Alberta, the QEW is or "Queen E" is a totally different highway in Ontario. Comment by: Tyler   
Here in Nova Scotia the is a hospital/medical centre that is called the QE2 Comment by: N.S. girl   
and when the traffic is so bad and you end up late somewhere you can be Screwy W'd Comment by: Sid   


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