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Idiot or jerk

Country Code:GB
Submitted June 17th, 2004 by: sandwitchLUDO

Usage Examples

British term, sorry ie. "i've been such a prat." aka "i've been such a jerk."


Houston, TX: Noticed in the back window of a red Porsche. A sign that said, "Pratt" I howled with delight! Comment by: lfletchr    Rated:3/5
it's also a street in North Phila. Pennsylvania. It's the last stop on the el Comment by: witchypoo    Rated:3/5
a former argentine central bank governor has double barreled surname "prat gay" Comment by: mangy cat   
Pratt is a last name, not to be confused with prat. different things. though, I would say the last name might have come from the original actually being a prat. dunno Comment by: that one guy   
Pratt is an art school/university in new york Comment by: nyc   
Dr. Pratt was successfully sued in the US for carrying out inappropriate surgery without permission. Could that be the origin? Comment by: disinterested   
prat as in "prat-fall", aka a form of slapstick physical comedy including falling on ones behind (bum, arse, whathaveyou) linking the terms idiot and 'ass' Comment by: Mikie    Rated:3/5
Another source says prat was originally a word for buttocks. I'm sure it predates any US events. Comment by: emjayay   


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