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Unemployment Insurance - from the term for a poorhouse

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Submitted February 20th, 2007 by: ww


I've never heard of Pogie, but I have heard Pokie. My mom uses that one more often. Comment by: Ashley   
Yes, this term exists. You'll even hear comedians use it. Comment by: Chris   
I've always heard the word "pokey" or "Pokie" here in the US of A, but that usually refers to going to jail or prison. Comment by: Amanda   
I believe it's more commonly spelled "pogey", and it is very much in use. Comment by: danae   
Definitely "pogie" with a "g". Comes from the British slang word "Pogue" which means a bottom feeding fish. Comment by: Sean   
Here in the States, a Pogie is a little fish. Comment by: Rebecca   
"Pogie" came from the Great Depression in the '30's, did it not? Comment by: Me.   
Also used with definite article: "the pogey" as "I'm goin' on the pogey next week." Comment by: vak   
Pogie is the sleeve people put on the end of oar handles in the winter as well. Comment by: Genius    Rated:4/5
It is British for being on "welfare". Eastern Canadians still use this term. Comment by: Jamie   
My Grandmother asked me if I was going on the 'Pogie" after I had my son. I had no clue what she meant. This is like "chesterfield", it's definitely Canadian, but it's from the older generation Comment by: Hagerwife    Rated:4/5


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