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N-Bomb(more accurately)

a WHITE PERSON saying the word nigger to a BLACK person

Submitted June 12th, 2004 by: onetrickpony


Its OK for a black person to use that word Comment by: Matthew    Rated:2/5
1. its pronounce 'nigguh' or 'nigga' 2. if i personaly ever heard a white person say it. they get pimp slapped. Comment by: denahli   
Why is that? Are you saying that we can say something because the color of my skin? Comment by: ItsMe   
Do you realize you are called your friends ignorant when you use the word n**ger? Comment by: c clark   
"white guilt" white people who are offended by the n bomb. Comment by: wayred   
In Canada, definately the white person. Then he dropped the N-Bomb and got his ass kick. Comment by: expat   


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