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Masturbation Slang for Men

Beat off

Beating your meat

Blow your load

Buffing the banana

Burping the worm

Charming the cobra

Choking the chicken


Flute solo

Giving it a tug

Hand job

Holding your sausage hostage

Jacking off

Jerk'in the Gherkin

Making nut butter

Milking the lizard

Playing with dick

Playing with Susie Palmer and her five friends

Polish the Chrome Dome

Polishing the porpoise

Pulling your pud

Rounding up the tadpoles

Rub one out

Shining the helmet

Slam'in the salami

Strok'in the stallion

Spanking the monkey

Squeezing the cream from the twinkee

Tickle the pickle

Tugging your tapioca tube

Turning Japanese


Waxing the dolphin

Whacking off

Whipping the one eyed wonder weasel

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