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Maji de

Really? No Way! Is that so?

Submitted December 2nd, 2002 by: Anonymous


I hear this amillion times a day at school here Comment by: Willy    Rated:5/5
Yeah, thats right, i hear it among the college folk as far as i have heard.. Comment by: stefan    Rated:5/5
I think when it's said without the question intonation at the end it takes on the meaning of 'no kiddin' or 'obviously'(H) Comment by: tokyo-t    Rated:3/5
I've heard this MANY times, its hip i think. Definitely something to pull out, its fun. Comment by: YouDontMeanMuch    Rated:5/5
i love this 1... i used it to much when i was in japan Comment by: gabuchin    Rated:5/5
It means "really?" the kanji is the exact same as honto (ni?) and means the same thing? eichi is dating yuu? majide!!! majidesuyo! (eichi is dating yuu? no way! serious man!) Comment by: qQshA    Rated:5/5


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