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Liche ta mère tant que tu es la!

Go lick your mother if you're there

Submitted August 2nd, 2002 by: Anonymous


i don't know this phrase, i had never heard that before but, "liche ta mere" is not "lick your mother". there is a mistake: it should "lche" instead of "liche" if you mean "lick". Comment by: toncky   
I believe you want to say "Nique ta mere" which is 'f*ck your mother.' And also there is 'Va te faire foutre!' which is go f*ck yourself. Comment by: J-Mo   
This translate to " Lick your mother( referring to her cunt) while you are at it" Comment by: anonymous   
if you wanted to say "lick your mother" it would be "leche" with an accent grave on the first "E" not liche. Comment by: sam   
as far as i know in quebec at least "leche" with an accent grave and "liche" basically means the same exact thing, or are commonly used for the same thing no differences there, but "liche" is WAY more commonly used, thats why i'd stick to lick as the best equivalent as in "lick her cunt" cuz we would really use the verb licher for that Comment by: Davey   
The actual translation of that would be go lick your mom while you're here. Comment by: Jasmine Rizko   


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