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"Cool", "Sweet", stylish, great

Submitted November 19th, 2002 by: Anonymous


I've also heard you can use "Kakoi" or "かこい" as an alternative to the cognate. Comment by: Amaya-chan~   
I'd use "kakkoii" for cool and "kawaii" for sweet personally Comment by: Lithium   
but Kawaii literally means CUTE right? Comment by: YuriMacki   
i generally use sugoii for cool Comment by: samu desu!   
"Kuuru" is just the English word but with a Japanese accent. Comment by: Hitsugaya_taicho   
sugoii is like wow or you say if surprised Comment by: ichiban   
Kawaii is more broad than just cute, it also means innocent and childlike Comment by: ore   
‚©‚±‚’H‚—‚—Ξ ‚’‚’‚¦EEEB@‚©‚Α‚±‚’‚Ε‚·‚»‚΅‚Δ‚©‚Α‚± ‚’‚Ν‰pŒκ ‚Ε"sexy"‚ΖŒΎ‚’‚ά‚·‚ζ‚Λ~ Comment by: •—ŠΤ‰““‘    Rated:1/5
no you idiots "kakoii" is cool and "sugoi" is Great! Comment by: Keira   
sungee is closer to wow than sugoi, sugoi means great [can also mean terrible, how confusing]. Comment by: ren   
it's Kakkoii, not Kakoi Comment by: Yosuke   
it's かっこいい , not かこい Comment by: kuso_KURAE   
sugei is awesome. just had to pipe in here Comment by: mir   
All of these terms can be used differently, depending on the situation. Thesaruas will help. Comment by: An observer   
Isnt SUGE cool? Comment by: Kaze   


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