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Kono Kusoutare!

Literally means, "You have shit around your asshole!", but is used as "asshole!"

Submitted June 29th, 2005 by: SunSweetSeven*


lol i like this 1 i use it every day! XD! Comment by: marissa    Rated:5/5
lol use it xD Comment by: nobodys    Rated:4/5
Actually, it's pronounced KUSOTTARE Comment by: Mark the R    Rated:2/5
HAHA I wanna say that to someone in english! Comment by: Lola   
lol this is my favorite word!!! Comment by: i rule the world    Rated:5/5
japanese are very clean people, so saying something like that would be a pretty big slap in the face Comment by: SteelGolem   
Dude, have you ever gone outside the busy areas of the city? I've seen tons of places with garbage all around and in their homes that looks like its been there for months if not years! Yes, most Japanese are very clean from what I've seen, but there are always exceptions. Comment by: Rob   
he he he ewwww xD Comment by: uhhhhhhh   
i Comment by: da curse er    Rated:5/5
What the heck do u meant by they are clean, what do u think they did to thousamd and even billions of people during the world war two Comment by: Drake   
WWII was 60 ot years ago, and was not a good time in japan's history. Nippon ichi! Comment by: hakudoshi   
How about Kettsu-Kaizoku?!! (Lit. translation- "Butt-Pirate" Comment by: Shinigami Daigo    Rated:3/5
'Clean' as in 'they bathe daily'. And what has World War Two got to do with anything? Comment by: laila   
The romaji is incorrect. It should be "kusottare" instead. Comment by: Dana    Rated:4/5
drake, dude, were u even around that time?dont u think times have changed.enough blather about ww2, the japanese have been through a lot too Comment by: ekard   
Drake world war II has nothing to do with cleanliness. There are many people who were in world war II that were plenty clean. Comment by: HONSESTLY   
You couldn't fit a billion people in Japan, especially in wartime. You sir, are a twat. Comment by: Lamia   
LOLOLOL what they did to "billions of people"? First of all, what -did- they do? And second of all, I HIGHLY doubt it was BILLIONS. LOL. Comment by: LeBro    Rated:5/5


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