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Kei Wai

There is no English equivalent. A direct translation is "(subject) can't read the air (or atmosphere). However it is used in two contexts. 1) when someone says or does something out of context of the situation around himself/herself, he/she is k.y. (i.e. a random, spontaneous comment on an unrelated subject). 2) it can be used when someone is lagging in the conversation, when that person brings back a subject that already passed.

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kei wai : kuuki = airrnyomenai = not able to readrnrnso obviously it means that you cant read the air. The idiom is in both Japanese and English, and they mean the same thing. So to say that there is no English translation is a lie. Comment by: Joe Delete Comment by: Joe   
It is used when someone makes a random comment or does something totally out of context of the conversation going on around himself/herself.rnrnThis can also be used to describe someone who is acting inconsiderately. For example, if a group of people go out to dinner and some people's entrees are delivered before others. If someone begins eating their food before others have received theres, then that person is K.Y. Comment by: Kyle   
It sounds like a specific example of the Englisn slang term "airhead". Comment by: docweb    Rated:4/5
Ahaha I love this, KY Ikuta! ;) Comment by: Nerupyon   


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