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"Brown Noser"

Country Code:CA
Submitted July 3rd, 2007 by:


eh?what about some one who is very keen...hmm Comment by: KO   
not just a brown-noser, someone who is excessively excited about everything in general! a go-getter. Comment by: LJ   
Also known as a suck up: where the always have their nose up your rear - refering to the brown nose Comment by: Laura   
Also, in college and university, someone who spends too much time on their studies at the expense of their social life. Comment by: Sean   
also known as cherry picken being around where the person is that theyre sucken up too like "you friggin' cherry picker" Comment by: Jas   
Used alot in BC during ski season, at least among the areas I've been. Keeners are at the hill early, waiting for first chair, getting the fresh lines, never missing it. Riding every day. Hear it ont he lift a fair bit... Comment by: Justin   


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