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Jebem li ti mater!

Fuck your mama!(general insult)

Submitted November 27th, 2002 by: Anonymous


this isn't as funny in english as it is in Serbian Comment by: Jasna    Rated:4/5
also jebacu ti mamu meaning ill f*ck your mother very bad insult everyone uses this a few times a day :) Comment by: b    Rated:4/5
not funny in serbian aswell, but sounds good :) Comment by: insider   
Im American and have some Serbain/ Croation friends helping me learn Serbian. I've learned that they have the same type of crude sense of humor as me. But at the same time, they're very proud of their countries and families. A serious insult about any of those and you'll probably be fighting. We say stuff like Jebacu ti sve po spisku. Idi u picku materinu. Jebem ti mrtvu mater na cacinom grobu krvavim kurcem u ocne duplje. Jebem te boga. Jebe ti dete nerodjeno. I suggest translating any one of those before just blurting it out. We joke around with each other saying this stuff but even my one friend asks me not to say things like "jebem ti boga", "Jebo te Bog na dananji dan", and "Dabogda te mater kukom po Neretvi traila" Comment by: CorpseGrinder   


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