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"Honey", "Sweetie", affectionate term for girlfriend

Submitted February 12th, 2003 by: Anonymous

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
Jagiya : novio, novia
자기야 : maganda


boyfriend as well Comment by: bvk    Rated:3/5
Actually, I think the proper pronunciation is chagiya... Comment by: O.O   
chagiya is correct pronunciation. chagi is the phrase and ya is the informal sentence ending. 자기야 Comment by: George   
it doesn't mean girlfriend it's like when your calling a girlfriend or boyfriend you call them like "jagiya!" Comment by: balsdfha   
Actually it is the "J" sound at the beginning not "CH".. if it were Chagiya it would be spelled 차기야. but it is not spelled with a ㅊ. Comment by: Mike   
It's also "honey." Used with gf/bf...but my best friend and I use it, as well. Comment by: c elizabeth   
it means like "honey" like when you say "jagiya, lets go watch a movie" it means "honey, lets go watch a movie." Comment by: john   
Jagiya means Honey/Sweetheart/Sweetie... You can use it to call your bf/gf or husband/wife. A lot of Korean women also use jagiya to call a friend/another woman instead of calling them by their names. Comment by: JayK   
Its pronounced as Jah-Gi-Yah. Gi as in saying Key but softening the K to a hint of G. Comment by: Miyo   
besides jagiya..ay other word that can replace jagoya without changin the meaning of sweetheart?? Comment by: v   
"Jagi" means "oneself" -- it is a nice way of saying "you" or "hey you" in an itimate way. Korean has no universally usable word for "you" -- so "jagi" or "jagiya" has emerged as a way to say "you" to a sweetie. Comment by: Mr. Know It All   
pet name "darling, honey, sweety...etc" - referred to female or male "Ja gi ya ~ sa rang hae" - sweety, I love you Comment by: Alice   
isn't the spelled is chagia?? Comment by: Kimiie   
this is a well-maintained website Comment by: 5(BEST)    Rated:5/5
If you're calling someone honey i'm pretty sure it's yeo-bo. Comment by: KongCha   
I often think the "J" and "ch" sound a lot alike in Korean... but i'm new to the language. Comment by: Cari   
Nice one, :) Comment by: Protect the troll!    Rated:5/5
It's equal to Honey or sweety. oa Comment by: Dru   
It's like a call sign for couples like "sweetie" or "sweetheart". Something like that. :) Comment by: iloveryeong9   
JAGIYA means Honey. Comment by: kimchijjigae   
No it IS pronounced as "Chagiya". "ㅈ" is pronounced as "ch", only slightly different from "ㅊ" Comment by: Fiona    Rated:3/5
Got a thank note for a positive comment (he is Korean) and at the end he added "Yheng", what that means? Comment by: mema   


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