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Submitted November 21st, 2002 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

piece of shit
pazi govno
watch the crap

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
Govno : "Piece of shit", an item, thing or individual, usually of inferior or no quality/qualities. In a more literal sense it is commonly used in expressions, e.g. "U Govnima do guse" (in deep shit). Should not be directly substituted for the English word 'shit', which is more correctly interpreted as "sranje".


means crap, for shit see sranje. you can use govno to tell someone they're going to step in some animal crap. Comment by: the serb    Rated:5/5
omg this word totally sums me up. there's nothing i love more than churning and grinding other people's shit through my teeth!!! for those of you that don't know, i'm one of the girls in 2 girls 1 cup :) im really famous now yay!!!!!!! dont forget to find me on fb. ALL MY LOVE, emma xxxx Comment by: emma sennett    Rated:5/5


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