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tourist (derogatory) Origin: Banff, Alberta, Canada pre-world war 2.

Country Code:CA
Submitted April 9th, 2005 by: smitty


now there is "Gorby Gap" which is a gap between your toque and goggles, which makes you have a forehead like a famous "Gorby" that ran Russia. Comment by: adam   
Back in New Brunswick, "Gorby" was used to refer to Canada Jays as well. (the birds, not the baseball team) Comment by: Ryan in Japan   
Gorby Dodging How far you can ride a skateboard down the sidewalk on Banff Avenue without hitting a Gorby Comment by: Jack MacGregor   
Not really. Its just the clothes part of GT... Comment by: Tara   
GORBy stands for Great Outdoor Recreational Bastard -- used to describe city folk who invade your scenic rural town so they can pretend to be true woodsmen. I've heard it used in Invermere, BC, but I'm sure it would see a lot of use in Banff as well. Comment by: Ben   
In Whistler B.C., GORBy stands for Geeks On Rented Boards. ie: tourists Comment by: Michael   
GORBYs SUK Comment by: Joe Spit   
in tofino bc it also means geek on rented boards Comment by: sarah   
According to BC legend, A "gorby" is a yellow, shit- eating bird and the Albertan license plate used to be yellow... so although it can be widened to include all tourists, it is mainly a derogatory name for Albertans. Comment by: Jenna    Rated:5/5
Gorby is used in both Jasper and Banff and is used to describe a tourist or visitor. Comment by: Champ    Rated:4/5


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