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A Canadian with French as their first language

Country Code:CA
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Francophone is not just for a Canadian for whom French is a first langauge but for anyone who is a native speaker. Comment by: Benjamin Lavallee    Rated:2/5
What? No, absolutely not! Francophone is for language spoken. Not origins. Check with your PQ rep, He/she will tell you the same. Let me guess, you father and grand-father used to be PQ/FLQ right! Comment by: Martin    Rated:1/5
Excusez moi, mais JE PARLE LA LANGUE! Qu'est-ce que tu as toi? Je suis francophone, je suis quelqu'un qui parle franais! Je sais pas ce que tu assai a faire la! Comment by: Lavallee   
A francophone can also mean someone whose ancestory is French but they don't necessarly speak the language themselves. Compare with Francophile (an anglophone or allophone who loves/ speaks French fairly well) Comment by: Lily   


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