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If dumb was dirt, he'd cover about an acre.

He's so dumb that if you moved his plate five inches to the left he'd starve to death.

He's so dumb he couldn't pour piss out of his boot if you wrote the instructions on the heel.

Submitted August 3rd, 2007 by: Joe


hes so dumb they had to burn down the school to get him outta the 3rd grade Comment by: jeffrock   
He couldn't find his a-- with both hands. He couldn't find his a-- with a search warrant and a flashlight. Comment by: Willie   
If brains were leather, he couldn't saddle a gnat. Comment by: Carlo   
He's as dumb as box of rocks. Comment by: jonc   
Texans should know all about being dumb.. the most stupid females you will find..get better schools.. sincerely, Concerned Northerner Comment by: Hugh Jass    Rated:5/5
Now why is a northerner posting on this site, ya wouldn't find any of us on a site that is about Yankee slang! Comment by: texas gal   
Dear concerned northerner I just so happen to be a female from texas, dont take to kindly to your dumb-ass remarks, no need for you to be concerned with us southerners, u got enough to worry about up north.. P.S if you dont like texas keep you ass up north. Thank you Comment by: Pissed southerner    Rated:5/5
Listen here, Yank... That was just down right uncalled for. We dont tolerate rude behavior where I come from, and if you was to come down here and say that to my face, well by god, I believe you'd be busier than a one legged man in an ass whoopin contest. Comment by: ranchita    Rated:5/5
Northerners are about as dumb as these sayings. Comment by: Mr.Muppet    Rated:5/5
Lighten up, Hugh! This is all in fun. Comment by: losttexan   
Hey "Concerned Northener", Here's another Texas Saying for you: "A smart ass just don't fit in a saddle." Comment by: Johnny Texas    Rated:5/5
....and since when did the mason/dixon line get put up again? the civil war was almost 200 years ago. there is no yankee or confederate any more. really.....your showing your own ignorance by posting that. Comment by: arizana    Rated:3/5
actualy....*all* you make me laugh. the people from the southern us are described as being hard headed, prideful and yes...still ignorant. your comments are doing nothing but propagating that sentiment. makes me wonder why the call this the *united* states of america since this country is far from united. Comment by: arizona    Rated:5/5
Northerners are wicked rude, period. Comment by: Sam    Rated:3/5
no polititians aloud Howdy Doody How bout: Bass Ackwards, wach-ya-doin pa, giv'em enough rope and he'll hang himself, and polecat. just some i recall from yonder days. Comment by: Texas Dude   
Is a Yankee that thinks he knows anything about Texas. Comment by: texasproud   
He's so dumb he'd have to study to be a halfwit. If brains were dynamite he wouldn't be able to blow the wax out of his ears. If he got another brain it would be lonely. He went for a brain transplant but he didn't have a trade-in. Comment by: Aussie Mick   
She wouldn't know her a-- from a hole in the ground! Comment by: mike and Becki    Rated:5/5
Hey guy from the north of america, the south aren't the only ones who need a better education system, the whole planet is screwed if you're said to be the strongest. sincerely A concerned Briton xoxo Comment by: britishbitch   
Fuc- Hugh yankee Comment by: Ben   
He couldn't piss on a flat rock if he were standin' on it. Comment by: Texas1836   
He is do dumb he could not distinguish his ass from a hole in the ground as my dad would say Comment by: Losttexan   
Don't listen to the damn Yankees. They have enough of their own problems. It's 85 degrees here and still snowing there. Comment by: Bobby   


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