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Said when ordering a coffee; indicating two creams and two sugars... Most likely heard at a Timmie's.

Country Code:CA
Submitted December 28th, 2004 by: Canuck Wordsmith

Usage Examples

How to make your very own double double in the comfort of your own home.


I use it ALL the time! Gotta get my Timmies! Comment by: Matt    Rated:5/5
No one else says this? Seems so normal Comment by: Nova Scotian Girl!   
I miss hearing that!!! I say double-double down here in Arizona and they look at me like I'm a crazy person! Comment by: Cristina    Rated:5/5
It's the only coffee I'll have. Double doubles pwn. Comment by: Gina   
it is a double-double cheeseburger in CA cause of In-N-Out Comment by: 名無   
What? Canadians are the only ones that say it? Huh? My parents use it all the time at Timmy's. Comment by: mulley    Rated:5/5
Just moved to the north eastern US-they say light & sweet--I just can't get use to it! Comment by: Wendy   
I live in the US now, and when I went to Dunkin' Donuts I asked for a double double, the girl behind the counter looked at me like I was from outer space. Comment by: vthec   
Double-double is a standard coffee term - in the US, I've heard it used in the Philadelphia/NJ and Balto-Wash DC areas. Here in the midwest (indianapolis) people would look at me like I was from Mars. Comment by: Heidi S   
timmies? are you guys talking about tim horton's? Comment by: lurtch   
I've actually been to a Timmies in the US, asked for a double-double, and staff asked what that was...It should be in the training or something... Comment by: MrDubie    Rated:5/5
This has always been a common term for a coffee with 2 sugars and cream. It's just used more often in Canada as we are big coffee drinkers. Comment by: ron   
I met a canadian guy recently who told me about this, it seems so strange. no one in australia would have a clue what you're talking about! Comment by: cate   
I prefer the term "Dub-Dub" myself. Comment by: Braden    Rated:4/5
Here in LA you better be talking about a burger. In-N-Out's Double Double means two meat patties with two slices of cheese. Comment by: TiRo   
You guys are clueless, this isn't even Canadian, it's purely TIMMIES (ie Ontario). I grew up in Van and didn't hear this once in 30 years until I moved to Onterrible!! Comment by: Vansterdam   
Never heard this in my life, didnt even know what 'timmies' was until i saw the 'timbits' or whatever on this list! Very interesting. Of course every coffee shop has a lingo for its regulars, but here usually we just tell them what we want! Comment by: YO!Americano   
It makes sense explained but in New Jersey they would also look at you as if you were from another galaxy. Comment by: Ms. Deegie   
in the U.S. we say 'extra-extra' instead...most commonly used at Dunkin Donuts :) Comment by: amr   
I Moved to the States and I say this and people Think Ive gone completely insane Comment by: RoamyRoamz   
I heard my friend use 'double-double' once when ordering coffee. I had to explain to the employee that she meant 'extra-extra' ha ha. :) Comment by: New Hampshire   
goo timmes Comment by: gsxbdnzsnzd   
I've enhanced onto timmy's triple-triple, soooo sweet haha ppl wonder why im short Comment by: Emma   
I've never heard in the B/W area....or anywhere else for that matter...i'll cover the southeast for you guys.....never heard it Comment by: James Scott   
In the US we say double-double or triple-triple. People at Duncan Donuts and Timmy Ho's know what that is. Comment by: c-boogie   
I've lived in Canada up until 5, we moved to grosse ile in Michigan (I'm 16 now) and I've never heard of one saying light and sweet. We just say double double or two sugars or two creamers. Like "how many sugars" or "how many creamers" Comment by: Jordie    Rated:3/5
The best. Timmies cant live without it. and my double-doule Comment by: taylor (tfat)    Rated:5/5
Here in South Florida, double-double means a double vodka (or whatever your poison) with a double lime garnish. I've never heard it used for coffee.... Comment by: Renee   


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