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1. Dick; 2. can also refer to famous singer Djordje "Djoka" Balasevic , from the city of Novi Sad. Lately he started to write novels as well, which are not that bad. Not bad at all, actually. So, when you ask a girl: "Volis li Djoku?", it could mean "Do you like dicks", but also "Do you like Djoka (singer)? Try to play with this, worth trying, there's nothing you can lose since later you can always say that you were thinking about singer (if worse becomes worse). Also you you realize that she did not read any of his books, you can say "Pa kako mozes da zivis bez Djoke?" meaning "So, how could you live by now without Djoka (dick)? Good luck.

Submitted November 19th, 2002 by: Anonymous


haha hey date her f0r sex Comment by: enna sennett    Rated:4/5
Abbreviation for Djokovic (Novak) - the tennis player Comment by: Ivan   


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