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Did A 180

a complete reversal of ones attitude

Submitted February 15th, 2005 by: TheBelowIsWrong


i've never heard that in us. & i've lived there all my life! Comment by: Alyssa   
did a 360 in us but i don't use it Comment by: blair   
Well, as doing a 360 means you haven't done a thing except spin round... Did a 180 IS used in US. It's math-y, therefore universal. Comment by: KrisM    Rated:2/5
if it was a 360 it would be back to the same emotion or reaction at the beginning.. Comment by: jane   
called flipping a bitch, and i use it often. Comment by: boogie   
nah, flipping a bitch is where you get pissed. doing a 180 is a reversal of (opinion, etc.) Comment by: 1   
Also known as a "flip flop" or "flip flopping" in US politics. "Republicans and Democrats often flip-flop on issues to suit their needs. That's why I'm an Independent." Comment by: Sylvia   
'Flipping a bitch' is definitely an American expression for turning around, I use it almost daily. Could also be called 'flipping a shitty', 'pulling a u-ey', 'about-face', and many many other terms. Never heard the phrase used to describe a freak-out before, and I've lived all over the States. That's typically just 'bitching' or 'bitching out'. But 'bitching out' can also mean to backdown from a challenge. English is so damn complicated lol. Comment by: Gart   
If you heard anyone say "did a 360 in the US" I hope you laughed at them, because that means they are back where they started. People who know a bit of elementary math say "did a 180" in the US all the time. Comment by: That guy   
I'm from the states. I've never heard of flipping a bitch, but I have heard "flipping a shit" to describe a freak out. I've also heard doing a 180, but it's not very common, at least not in FL Comment by: amk   
Very common in Canada - used to reference someone's behaviour or attitude. Comment by: 71CANADIAN   
This one is used in the U.S. all the time. It can apply to anything that does the opposite of what it was doing before. For example, a car that turns to drive in the opposite direction did a 180. A dog that was happy one second and growling at you the next did a 180. It also carries the implied meaning that the change happened suddenly or without warning. It also can be said 'pulled a 180'. Comment by: Jessi    Rated:4/5
where I'm from (midwest US) we say "did a 180" all the time. always used to describe someone changing their mind/attitude completely Comment by: --   
I've heared "did a 180" and "did a 360" here in Georgia, USA. I have never heard "flipping a bitch" ever. Maybe it's regional. Comment by: Rachel   
360's: a) to spin a car around on an icy, empty parking lot surface ( aka doing 'doughnuts' ..usually a winter activity performed by young inexperienced drivers.) b) old-fashioned rotating emergency lights atop fire, ambulance, and/or police vehicles. Comment by: Saoirse   
Reversal of direction, usually in attitude or opinion. If you turn 180 degrees, you will be facing the opposite direction. Comment by: Tedly   


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