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Dick cheese


Submitted November 24th, 2003 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

It all happened quick when she joined a sorority. Every guy loves her, every guy has. Every guy wants her, and every guy can. Don't fall in love with bruised knees Teresa. That girl's got issues, she only eats cheese (dick cheese).
From the Song Bruised Knees Teresa by Pepper Spray Trey  


"dick cheese" is not's the foamy grunge usually found under the foreskin of an unclean penis that has not been circumsized. - excess oils collect along with unclean and excess exfoliates. "Cheese" 'cause it's yellowey or white, like toe jam between your toes. Comment by: zooter    Rated:1/5
I agree with the comment dick cheese is also known as head cheese and it's completely gross and avoidable with the use of SOAP Comment by: Amy   
Official term "Smegma" Comment by: DUMMY   
instead of 100 million how bout I send you a hobo's dick cheese? lol Tom cruise in tropic thunder Comment by: Richard   


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