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Something that is fashionable, cool. Something done in an unusual or impressive manner. A variation on Deke (faint: a hockey move) Circa early 1970's

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Submitted August 20th, 2005 by: Prairie

Usage Examples

He was trying to be real dekey.


I was in high school in the early 70s in Ontario, and I never heard "dekey". "Deke him out" meaning to fool or outwit him was pretty common -- I haven't heard it in years! I had to come here to find out about "dekey" because a friend saw it on FB superpoke and thought it had a little maple leaf next to it so I should know! By the way that is FEINT not faint! Faint means to drop unconscious. Comment by: Catherine   
yeah where did Superpoke pick this one up? never heard it before Comment by: liam   
Wasn't this spelled DEEK - Deek em' out - deek to the right - decked out was a whole other realm man ... get yer slang straight! Comment by: Doll   
I've never heard dekey, but have heard "to deke" or "to deke out"--a verb meaning to bluff or fool someone or fake someone out. Comment by: val   
To Doll: please get your spelling straight! Only *ever* spelled "deke". Comment by: jace   
Instead of 'faint,' a deke is a 'feint.' There's a major difference. Comment by: Patrick   
'Faint' is supposed to be 'Feint'. My dog's name is 'Deke' and it's short for 'Decoy'. Deke is a common hunting abbreviation for decoy as well. Comment by: Peter   


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