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A reaction to something done "over the top"; overdone; excessive. Can also be used as a response to something done very well. Circa 1974ish.

Country Code:CA
Submitted August 20th, 2005 by: Prairie

Usage Examples

1. The concert was deadly. 2. A deadly hair cut.
1. Describing a very good concert. 2. Describing either a very good hair style or a very bad hair style.


Very common in describe something really good. There's even a song 'Deadly! shapely! sexy! especially!!!' Talking about a really hot chic. Comment by: Wangechi   
In the states we also say 'killer' alot. As in, that was a 'killer' show... Comment by: YO!Americano   
very commonly used in Ireland Comment by: madison   
I think of that as a Newfie phrase Comment by: alastair   
Me and my family say deadly to describe over the top foods, Ex: That dessert was deadly. Is this a Saskatchewan thing? Comment by: CB   
I've heard that the only people who use Deadly as a "good thing" and Newfies and Irish. So far it's been true. Comment by: Tracey   
I'm from Newfoundland and we use "Deadly" all the time the same way as other people say "Awesome." Around here it's used to describe something that's excellent. Comment by: Brittany   
I have lived in Ontario and Quebec most of my life and only heard 'deadly' when I moved to Saskatchewan last year! Comment by: em   
This is used commonly in the US, but it's always alone (never used with any other words) and is pronounced "deadry" in low tones. Comment by: Joe   
say it all the time in southern sask..... my whole life I've heard it here from everyone..... Comment by: Queen City Gnome   


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