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Something or someone that is totally awesome.

Submitted April 15th, 2005 by: highondrums2005


This is also a term in the marijuana culture that refers to high quality THC product. Comment by: Chris G   
I've heard it used for describing something that smells terrible, like "man, that's dank!" I've never heard it used in a positive way Comment by: katy   
dank (not slang) = unpleasantly cool and humid ("A dank cellar") Rank: very offensive in smell or taste ("A rank cigar") Dank = Marijuana; the practice of lacing cigarettes with formaldehyde Comment by: Kathy   
Use this all the time, just means good... nothing too specific. Yes, marijuana can be dank, but so can a game a tennis. Comment by: JaS    Rated:4/5
Um, where I am from this is definately a negative word. Usually used to describe something "the dank basement gave me the chills' Comment by: YO!Americano   
Kathy got it right. The literal definition is not commonly used. "Dank bud" or "dank ass weed" is high quality marijuana, I've never heard it to describe weed with formaldehyde though, Comment by: Tedly   


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