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An older woman trying to attract a younger man. (That cougar was flirting with me) Also a Mountain Lion

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Submitted March 28th, 2007 by: Trips

Usage Examples

Strut it lady, like you mean it. Show the kittens how it's done. Claw me baby, like you need it. Show me how a cougar hunts.
From the Song To Catch a Cougar by Cold Forty Three  


I was under the impression that "Cougar" simply referred to a single woman over the age of...40 or whatever. Comment by: Zabet    Rated:3/5
Who remembers the first time they heard cougar used to describe an older woman trying to get with a younger man because I have a deep theory that it originated in Victoria, B.C. circa 1990 and that Sweetwaters was the first "den." Can anyone back me up? Comment by: foreignowl   
I've heard this used since I was young, around four-five, which was 10-11 years ago. Comment by: .....    Rated:3/5
we call them mutton over in england, as in mutton dressed as lamb. same meaning, old girl trying to attract young males Comment by: paddylatic   
cougar bate, a guy trying to pick up a cougar for lesson in "Knocking-boots" Comment by: davee   
Zabat, that "cougar" has been in use since way before 1990... Comment by: Me   
TV series "Real Housewives of Orange County" occasionally uses the term for the divorcees that are dating younger men. Comment by: Jared82CA    Rated:4/5
Use and hear it all the time. Everyone knows what a cougar is in Vancouver. Comment by: Gina   
yes! i can vouch for the "Sweetwaters" origins. Definitely home of the Cougar. By the early-mid 90's was in wide usage mostly by dudes especially at UVIc Engineering Pub Crawls. Comment by: ccjefe    Rated:5/5
I too can attest for the early establishment of a "den" at Sweetwaters. I still have the scratch marks from the late 90's. Comment by: Ex Uvictim   
This is used in America too. Comment by: Joan   
We use this constantly here in America. Comment by: Ian    Rated:5/5
Definatly know this one! Common term used all the time when describing a older women trying to get somene younger. Ex. Madonna is a cougar Comment by: Jess    Rated:4/5
Recently in the US, people started using the slang "cougar" for a hot older woman, that a lot of younger men want to be with. More often than not, it's somone whose definitely not interested, and kind of a rude thing, i.e "wow, your mom's a real cougar" Comment by: Dube   
This is the same in the USA too! Comment by: Moo    Rated:4/5
we have this in NY too Comment by: jay   
I have heard the term " Cougar " originated from a conversation in the Vancouver Canucks dressing room describing an older woman coming to the games , fron Cougardate from Vancouver describing a single lady in her 40's, from the book titled Cougar. Does anyone know for sure the true origin of this term. Comment by: Duff   
Wait, Cougar's a Canadian term? I thought it was everywhere? Comment by: Jess   
They use this in America too... Comment by: Blah   
No way cougar started in BC, that saying has been in use since long before I was born in Ontario. Comment by: Ontarian   
Absolutely can attest to the term and reality of Sweets as the original den. Used to head there with friends when we didn't feel like working at getting laid, always communicated as "let's head to Sweets to get caught by a Coug" Comment by: Vic Man   
This term is also found in USAian slang, and has been since at least 2004-05. Comment by: no one important    Rated:3/5
actually the Canucks hockey team created the term "cougar" years ago. They were referring to the older women that would hang around after the hockey games to try to meet them; then follow them to the Roxy. It somehow caught on worldwide and now it is what it is. :) Comment by: tt   
hahaha! The US of A uses this one too! :D Comment by: Alfred   
they use cougar in america too! Comment by: me.   
Well if you are going to say that the term originated in Victoria then I would argue that the Forge was a cougar bar before Sweets. Comment by: mike   
I hear that in Australia! Comment by: Llinos   
Kevin Blaine Campbell of Victoria BC was first quoted in 1995 using the term "cougar" when he described some of the less attractive older women at Sweetwaters Club, Victoria BC as "Punched Out Cougars" Mr. Campbell also at times added his classic description of the "GUNT" when he would describe the area between the cougars "Gut" and "Cunt". The full statement was ...."Check out the gunt on that punched out cougar, she looks like she had her head out a car window and hit a telephone pole" Kevin Campbell left Victoria BC for Ibiza Spain where he translated his unique statements into the Catalan language. Sad that women today think it is a positive name to seek out. They should really google a photo of a cougar. They are very ugly beasts. Comment by: Campbell   
we use this term alll the time in nova scotia! Comment by: iofrw   
Guess at 39 I'm old. Cougar always meant "Mountain Lion" when I was a kid. Heard the new definition a few years ago. 'Course at my age, a "Cougar" to a 21 year old is "Prime dating material" to me. I guess that makes a "cougar" to me a mid '50's lady that is well preserved and horny as hell. Comment by: Dago Redd   
Cougar is not just an older woman but specifically an older woman attracting younger men. Generally 35 and older. The term cougar was made by the players of the Canucks, they always had these older women waiting around after games and following them to the Roxy. The team started to call them, the cougars. and the rest is history. Comment by: TT   


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