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Cooked It

Something done wrong. Something wrecked or having been mangled in some manner. It is a variation of describing something as being wrecked (cooked). Circa early 1970's, perhaps 1960's.

Country Code:CA
Submitted August 20th, 2005 by: Prairie

Usage Examples

He/She cooked it.
In reference to doing something, like singing a song.


rowena: I grew up in ottawa and I've heard "cooked it", as well as "overcooking" something. It's not extremely common but it's in use. Comment by: Sam   
Another variation is "sold the farm" Comment by: silentjay    Rated:2/5
Im from N.B and it's used here quite often! Comment by: Lesleigh   
In Australia we would use this to describe what happens when your car over heats and you damage the motor. Comment by: Ian   
I grew up and live in northern Alberta, I use "cooked" regarding broken equipment, mechanical things, electronics. Anytiem something breaks down and is beyond repair. it's f***in cooked! I hear it a lot around here. Comment by: Justin    Rated:5/5
I'm from Toronto, and I've never heard this one. Comment by: Jennifer   
I grew up in the sprawl of burbs around T.O. This is one I'm very familiar with. Any non-functional item is "cooked". When I made the traditional Ontarian pilgrimage to live in Vancouver, I was surprised to hear this expression only rarely, and then from other imports from Central and Eastern Canada. Comment by: mou   
In the south we say somethingts 'fried' also. No suprise though eh? What else are we known for?? haha Comment by: YO!Americano   
meh...never have i heard it here in ottawa Comment by: rikki   
Heard it a few in B.C., and you haven't heard it BECAUSE you're from trawna :D Comment by: Shane   
Heard of it. I'm from Manitoba, and we use it as "You cooked it!" when someone has wrecked/destroyed something. Very common. Comment by: Patricia    Rated:4/5
not sure if this is 100% Canadian but "cooking" can also refer to faking or fraud. "He cooked the records to hide the expenses" Comment by: Lynxear   


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