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Cold as an ex-wife's heart.

This is hog killing weather.

Cold as a witch's tit.

Submitted August 3rd, 2007 by: Joe


can also mean that your as raw, cool motherf*cker. as lil wyane says. Comment by: jmat*   
well butter my ears with jelly and lay me on an ant hill Comment by: Jon   
Yall are crazy, that aint Texas slag; thats just dumb!!!!! Comment by: Jesse "TexasLove" Lucian    Rated:1/5
nobody f*ckin tlks lk that in the texas that im from..stupid ass one knows wassup wit that southern swagg.. Comment by: SOuthTexas Mami    Rated:1/5
No! believe it or not the great state of Texas is southern! Im sick of people like you tring to take the true cowboy image of this state and turn it into something it aint, just because you may be one of the unlucky few that got stuck in one of our citys dont give you the right to talk about it that way. all the rest of texas is full of REAL men, hardworking honest men who still respect women and thier elders! so you better watch your mouth, cause us TRUE TEXANS dont take kindly to that type of talk! Comment by: TRUE TEXAN   
" Colder than a Whore' Heart" Comment by: WT Slim   
Ya'll are stupid, no one I know says that, and I'm in the middle of Texas. Only thing I say is, is its f*cking cold outside. Comment by: Lauri   
Colder than a Mother-In-Law's kiss. Comment by: RJ   
I was born & raised in the Texas Panhandle, and none of these sayings are new to me. I have heard every one of them come out of someone's mouth. When it is cold & blowing up here we say "Who left the North Gate open" or "Somebody left the North Gate open". If you disagree or haven't heard these, there is no reason to get a bee in your bonnet and act like a pendejo. If you truly live in Texas, you are all hat and no cattle. You better find your manners and watch your language or someone will find them for ya. Comment by: Texas Panhadle Mom   
How about "Colder than a well diggers ass"! Comment by: Little Bitty Crazy Woman    Rated:5/5
If by in the middle of Texas you mean Austin, then you are in no way a true Texan and should high tail it outta here. If you mean Brownwood or there abouts then you need to go meet some people that aren't online. Comment by: Conner   
The word is "y'all" or "yall". No real Texan would post some uninformed-yankee spelling like "ya'll" that'd be "ya will". Comment by: 6 shooter   
Its windier than a 50 lb bag of whistlin lips! Comment by: jose ole   
actually, its "HOTTER than a well diggers ass!" :) Comment by: Mundyyyy   
I've heard it as "It's as cold as Saten's Tities out here!" Comment by: anonymous   
I was orn and raised in south east Texas and I have hard all these sayings at one time or another..My husband always says..Colder then a witches tit..or colder then a well diggers ass in montana..or colder then a whores heart! Comment by: Sara   
I've lived in Texas my whole life, 23 years, and I have heard of colder then a witches tit Comment by: Texas Girl   
There's folk in Texas that do talk like this... If you don't think so your education of Texas slang comes from rap songs. Comment by: asdf   
Colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra. I've definitely heard of all of these. Then again, I have family from all parts of Texas who have all been guilty at one point or another of bringing a new saying to the table the others hadn't heard. Perhaps because Texas is so big, the sayings don't get around to the whole state. It's best not to rattle like an empty bucket. Comment by: SE Texan   
I'm with TRUETEXAN, I was born and raised in longview, and out of all my years living on one big-ass piece of land surrounded by a bunch of redneck white trash, I've learned that they STILL work really hard to get that house built, or that deer shot. I'm proud of Texas! Oh, and WE DO NOT RIDE COWS TO SCHOOL!! >< Gawd, get that through your freaking heads!! > Comment by: Emma   
in my family, all Texas born & bred, we say "colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra" - always have and always will Comment by: lady texan   
Sounds like Texas Panhadle (sic) Mom wants to take it in both fannies at the same time! Comment by: Charles Manson   
Whether you agree or disagree with a posting, I don't understand the foul language. It's so base and utterly without taste or class. Why should anyone have to be subject to such language? Comment by: carol   
Yeah i've heard it as "Colder than a well diggers ass in the klondike." Comment by: Juice   
haha yall crack me up these saying come from the backwoods, small hometown, country living kind of people!! not just anyone from texas talks like that, its certain parts of texas and like i said the backwoods country people!! lay off and quit ya bitchin Comment by: AKC   
i have heard that one Comment by: justin coker   
I just googled "Texas slang" because one of my really good friends is from Texas, There is no BIGGER turn. O to me than a real MAN cowboy,red neck....uh uh uh !!!!!! I spent a couple months in ft.Worth,Dallas. and to reassure myself I had to go back, I left my soul there :). To me Texas is heaven on earth, there's no bigger turn on than their accents. While I was there I decided that Texas is where I belong and I will represent it for all y'all til the day I die!!!!! I got the state tarried on the back of my shoulder w a "D " marking Dallas !!!! For Christmas I want a manly cowboy man w cowboy hat, boots and a nice smile;). Thanks for letting me take up some space ;). I'm Selena 29 yr old, Seattle Washington !!!!!!! Comment by: Slena    Rated:4/5
actually its colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra in a snow bank... and yes we do say things like this in Texas... just some of the bigger cities have been over run with carpet baggers... myself Im a third generation Texas... my grand father was born here in 1893... just sayin.. Comment by: Mac   
Its colder than a witches' titty in a brass bra! My husband says that every winter. And during the summer he says Its hotter than 2 mice f****** in a wool sock :) Comment by: East Texas Girl   
that one is funny LBCW. LOL. ...or "Colder than a witches titty in a brass bra" Comment by: jonc   
Colder than a witches Tit in a brass bra. Comment by: tjm   
Colder than a witches tit in a brass bra! Comment by: jonc   
My sweet old is from east Texas, and since I can remember she has always said 'colder than a witches titty' its hilarious! Comment by: Kaye    Rated:5/5
Colder than a well diggers butt Comment by: Hailey    Rated:5/5
Just because some of the people who live in the city aren't true Texans, doesn't mean all of us aren't. Comment by: ...   


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