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Toilet, can also be a car

Submitted June 28th, 2002 by: Anonymous


everybody will understand! Comment by: toncky    Rated:5/5
This is only used at plural in French as well as the proper word for toilet (toilettes), you could say: Faut que j'aille aux chiottes (I need to go to the toilet) (Notice the plural) Comment by: Galle    Rated:4/5
correct toilet only plurial une chiotte is always a car(supposly old and/or destroyed) Comment by: mat   
Chiotte Means Toilet .... Aux Chiotte ( At The Bathroom) ENtrain de prendre une chiotte ( Taking A Crap) Comment by: Sara   
equivalent to saying a car is a shit box in english, also toilet (au chiotte is correct Comment by: lefromageblanc   
chiottes is less polite than "toilet." It derives from the verb chier (to shit.) "I'm going to the shitter" is sometimes used in English Comment by: Ali   


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