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The area between the balls and ass, the "taint"

Country Code:IE
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Barse?! Didnt even know that part of the body had a name! Never heard it used, EVER! Comment by: L3mon5   
Barse is definitely used in Ireland, its also the area that is waxed when people get a "back, sack and crack" as in a male waxing of the private area Comment by: Dools   
It's called the perenium Comment by: DENIS DOWEN    Rated:5/5
its also called a gootch Comment by: Seamus   
No, no,no, that is the grundle Comment by: Dude   
Barse is: Back + Arse Similar are: Cankles: Calf + ankle Gunt: Gut + .... Pretty much any two neighbouring bodyparts, made indistinguishable by the owner being ridiculously overweight! Comment by: Josh   
I've also heard it referred to as a "chode"! Comment by: Polack in Ohio   


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