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A hot chick, small body, pretty, blonde blue eyes maybe, from the Barbie Doll thing

Submitted June 9th, 2004 by: onetrickpony


Barbie = BBQ (Australia) Comment by: Roo   
no one uses this wtf Comment by: morgan   
Barbie= stuck up girl, a "fake" girl. Comment by: Girl   
wtf no1 says this. it means a chick who acts like barbie lol and wears tonnes of make up Comment by: josh    Rated:2/5
yeh a BARBIE is a total bitch who thinks she da shit.. &&' erybody kno she AINT &&' da bitch need ta kno she aint couse she a hoe baggin, slut faced, easy, trick ass, mother f*cking duck sucking, pussy licking cunt!! =] Comment by: Brianna    Rated:5/5
In other words, it's a girl who has bleach blonde hair and is WAAY to skinny. Comment by: Jana   
u suck my hairy balls nooooo bitch fitch - Comment by: fucker who licks    Rated:1/5
i use barbie as those girls that are preppy, like cheerleaders "Oh My God!! Kevin is so Hawt!!" Comment by: Korean Guy   
This is never used, If you are learning english, don't use this! Comment by: Isaac    Rated:2/5
i was born and raised in the US and have yet to hear someone say this refering to a "hot chick" Comment by: Steve   
if you use this term (unless you're referring to an actual barbie doll) then people will laugh at you. nobody uses it. Comment by: OC   
HAHAHAHA, IVE NEVER HEARD THIS, IN MY LIFE. wow, who said this. this is completely stupid. if you say this to any american, theyd be like wtf/ Comment by: bammmm   
People DO say that. A barbie is a hot, stuck-up chick in the US where I come from. Not used often, but it is used. Comment by: That guy   
This is never used. Comment by: Lucy    Rated:1/5
We use this term quite a lot in Texas... I don't know why it's so unusual to y'all. It's quite common in middle schools. "What a bunch of barbie girls." or something of the like. :) Comment by: Arianne    Rated:4/5


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