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The back of a boat in Newfoundland. Derived from "Arse of her." E.g., "You sit in the headuvher, I'll sit in the arseuver." See also: Newfie

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Ever heard; C D B D I's? Dem der be fsh. Whale Oil Beef Hooked. There's some Newfie for ya Comment by: Sarah Weinberg   
not a b.c. thing but used by central canada often on the cbc news or ctv Comment by: paul wieger----   
I find this a bit confusing, it's really 'the arse of her', but you drop the H like most atlantic canadians do. Which leads me to say, most atlantic canadians who rn't too urbanised will say this Comment by: alastair   
some marnin dis marning itll be some marnin tamar marnin if its like dis again tamar marnin. some evenin disevenin , be some evenin tarmar evenin if its like dis again tamar evenin Comment by: lee   
hahahaha, we (and by "we" i mean Acadians from southern Nova-Scotia) tend to abbreviate most of our words anyways. its so much faster talking "Chiac" (or Frenglish) than standard french. its because we are surrounded with too many english people, thus influencing our french. Comment by: No   
now, that, i havint heard! but i live in Ontario... Comment by: Lenie   
I live in Newfoundland and nobody speaks anything like the stereotype. The accent is basically a Canadian accent with a little bit of Irish. I've also never heard this term. Don't get me wrong, I think the stereotypes and jokes are usually funny. Comment by: Kevin.    Rated:2/5


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