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Arsch, Arschloch, am Arsch lecken

ass, arse, asshole, lick my ass 'Arsch' is especially in combination one of the most used german profanities. Examples would be Arschloch 'asshole', Arschgesicht 'ass-face', Arsch mit Ohren 'eared ass', am Arsch lecken 'lick ma ass' (notice the difference to eng. kiss my ass). Heritage perhaps indogermanic arso-s, protruding part of body.

Submitted April 4th, 2004 by: rossi


After spending several years in Germany, I thought I was up on the slang words. I, however, ran across "Knackarsch" the other day. I know what the separate sections mean but combined I am lost. Comment by: kycol   
It describes a real hot and sexy butt. "knack" refers to "knackig" in the meaning of firm, as in "knackige Wurst, a firm to bite sausige" Comment by: Patrick   


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