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Submitted January 26th, 2004 by: Anonymous


Hooray does not mean goodbye. Its a cheer of sorts. It is a way of expressing joy and excitement. Or when used sarcastically, it means you are displeased with the current or forthcoming circumstance. Hooray is still used in American English. Comment by: P   
don't know where your hearing people say hooray, but as far as i am aware they don't. people may say this when being extremely sarcastic, however no one would use this as a serious expression of joy or happiness. Comment by: Se7eN    Rated:1/5
It can still be used for a joyfull expression. It's common to shout "hip, hip, hooray" at celebrations like weddings, birthdays and national parades. Most often contracted to "H'ray!" when really excited though. Comment by: docweb    Rated:5/5


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