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寒さをしのぐための保温性を重視した女性の下着。当初はババア(年配女性の蔑称)だけが着るシャツなのでこう呼ばれ、若年層で着ているとそれだけで白い目で見られた。しかし近年ではおしゃれを重視する若い女性の間で薄着したいがための着用が増え、色・デザイン共に豊富になった。 ただし着用の際には何点かポイントがある。色はベージュまたはピンクが透けなくて良い。襟元は大きく開いたVカットのものが襟からはみださなくて良い、など。またデートのある日はレースのついたゴージャスなタイプなど機能性よりおしゃれを重視したものがふさわしい。しかし男性にはあまり評判が良くない。風邪をひくか男を取るか、日本女性は悩む。 Source:

Submitted July 7th, 2002 by: HiraganaTimes

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baba-shatsu : A type of women's underwear, which preserves heat to ward off the cold. So-called because originally only "babaa" (a derogatory term meaning "elderly woman") wore them, and younger people regarded these undershirts with disdain. However, recently the shirts have become popular with fashion-conscious young women who want to be scantily dressed, and there is now a wide variety of colors and designs. There are several points to consider when wearing these undershirts: Colors like beige or pink are good because they aren't see-through. A wide v-neck style is good because it won't show above your neckline, etc. And if you have a date, it's better to forget practicality, and to go for a glamorous lacey style. These undershirts aren't very popular with men, however. Japanese women must choose between catching a cold or attracting a man. Source:



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