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しみ・ソバカスのない白く美しい肌、またはそのような肌を実現すること。日焼けブームで真っ黒な顔の女性たちは将来しみが残ることを恐れて白い肌に戻すのに懸命になっている。そこで美白効果に優れた化粧品(ホワイトニング)が次々と発売されヒット商品となっているが、このブームに拍車をかけたのが鈴木その子の存在。彼女は1980年に『やせたい人は食べなさい』というベストセラーを出版してからそのダイエット法が芸能界関係者から一般人にまで口コミで広がった。なかでもダイエット食品は高価にもかかわらず売れ続けている。また彼女が注目される理由は塗り壁のごとく顔を白塗りしているその特異な容姿のためと言っても間違いはなさそう。最近では60歳代後半にも関わらず水着姿を披露して話題を振りまいた。恐るべし美白パワー。 Source:

Submitted July 7th, 2002 by: HiraganaTimes


Language Word/Meaning
bihaku : Beautiful, pale skin which doesn't have any wrinkles or moles, or achieving this kind of look. Women who let their faces tan during the tanning boom are now worried about the risk of wrinkles in the future, and they are eager to return to a pale look. Because of this, cosmetic products (called "whitening"), designed to enhance the bihaku look, have hit the market in quick succession and become big hits. However, it was one Sonoko Suzuki who accelerated this boom. In 1980 she published a best-selling book called "People Who Want to Diet Should Eat", and her diet methods spread by word of mouth from the entertainment world down to ordinary people. Her diet foods have continued to sell despite being expensive. It's probably fair to say that she's also noticed for her odd appearance, since she plasters the makeup on to make her face white. Even though she is now in her late sixties, she recently set tongues wagging by appearing in a swimsuit. Bihaku power is truly awesome. Source:



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