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染めたり、脱色して茶色にした髪の毛のこと。アイドル歌手や芸能人を真似した中高生から火が点き、その後は広く流行し今ではすっかり市民権を得ている。欧米人に憧れる彼らは瞳の色を変えるカラーコンタクトも着けたが、どうしても宇宙人にしか見えなかった。 しかしいまだ「茶髪=不良」というイメージは払拭されず、就職活動の時は真面目に見せたいがために一夜にして黒髪に戻るカメレオンのような若者も多い。 髪を染めた後、生え際から黒髪が伸びて黒と茶色に分かれている状態を「プリン」と言う。 Source:

Submitted July 1st, 2002 by: Anonymous


Language Word/Meaning
chapatsu : Hair that has been dyed or bleached to make it brown. The trend first caught on with junior high and high school girls who copied idol singers and entertainers, then spread to the point where it has now won widespread acceptance. Admiring Americans and Europeans, some young people tried to change their eye color using color contact lenses, but they only ended up looking like aliens from outer space. Some people still equate chapatsu with delinquency, so in an attempt to present themselves as serious when they start job-hunting, many young people are like chameleons and change their hair color back to black again overnight. "Purin" is a term used to describe dyed hair after the black roots have started growing out again, so the hair is partly black and partly brown. Source:



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