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Submitted May 25th, 2002 by: Bruce

Usage Examples

Dakishimerareru to, Kimi to paradise ni iru mitai, Kira-Kira mabushikute, I feel so good. It's automatic...
When you embrace me, It's like I'm in paradise with you Sparkling and dazzling I feel so good It's automatic...
From the Song Automatic by Hikaru Utada  
Yura yura yura, kokoro wa yureru. Kira kira kira, toki wa kagayaiteru. Ima mouichido yakusoku suru, Kesshite kimi no koto wo uragiranai.
Gentle, gentle, gentle, the heart wavers. Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, the time sparkles. Now, I'll vow to you once more, That I will never ever betray you.
From the Song Kira Kira by Oda Kazumasa  


Language Word/Meaning
kira kira : Glitter and sparkle



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