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funny to page in a store, sounds like a real name

Submitted January 16th, 2003 by: Anonymous

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
ρε : "yo", Hey you, to get someone's attention


mutha f*ckers y'all so damn stupid that's my name and hoes it mean all you dumb asses Comment by: malaka    Rated:1/5
It doesn't mean beautiful whoever named u thought you were a stupid jerk off hahaha malaka!!! Comment by: China   
Please explain, "Greek injected." I know what he meant, he tried to say it was a joke, but I don't think it was. I took it as a racial slur. I'm an American mutt, by that I mean my forebears have been here for 400 years and I'm full of genes: English, French, American Indian, German, etc. Is being Greek in America such an enormous thing that you don't mesh, meld or consider others equal? Comment by: Hurt lover   
uh what exactly do you mean by being greek in America as an enormous thing , don't mesh.meld or consider others equal etc ?==you state your DNA is mixed and has been in America for hundreds of years,so contrast THAT with people that are BILINGUAL ,speak greek at home and in places full of greeks the same as any other area in the USA made up of recent and 1st generation entrants. i believe the majority of greeks can take hearing ""greek injected"" and not get bent outta shape and call the race card or speech police. Comment by: tsoula   
Hey hurt lo. f*ck 'EM MATE. You be proud of who you are mate. These putrid wogs just think that their shit doesn't stink and they can go around bullying other people in different countries WHERE the greek are not even wanted actually. I am in Australia and they even think they are hot shit here. All I see here when I travek on public transport here are old wog (Greek) men, staring at girls who would be no older than 15 years old and a schoolgirl and THAT IS A PEDOPHILE, no matter how they try and define it. And no doubt, their wives are at home, cooking, cleaning and washing the husbands clothes and the husband? He is out staring at 14 and 15 yr old girls (children), sexually.... these are the most disgusting people and I rate them right next to Muslims. Both nationalities have pedophile idea in their day to day lives. Hurt lover......just hold your head high mate.....these Greeks are a minority and they think they can stand over people and take over their country....... BE STRONG and PROUD of your ethnicity........ Don't let this imbecile try telling you otherwise...... Comment by: I hate dirty wogs!!   
Some Aussies are racist motherf*ckers and some treat their women like shit the are famous all around the world for drunken shit behavior Comment by: JohnC   
Haha another Aussie who hates wogs...wog old men are pedofiles? You got that one totally wrong. Pedofila is rife in Australia, especially a fav past time of the u poor yobbo descendent of shackled convicts have strong genetic urges for kids. Unforgivable. Also, lighten up sunshine, envy, hate and racism are bad for your health. Do some yoga, go easy on your long neck booze and only go the soft drugs...soft drugs for soft cock Aussies Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie ok oi oi haha Comment by: Milo   


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