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Submitted August 28th, 2004 by: Ryszard


Language Word/Meaning
ćpun : drug-addict


I am trying to find out the correct spelling for a nickname my parents gave me, when I was young. I know it is some term of endearment. I spell it like this,"Kashka", but I believe this is not accurate. Please help!!!!!!! Comment by: Catherine   
Koshka is cat in it may be linked. Comment by: MAx   
Kaszka (pronounced as Kashka) is a nickname for the polish version of Catherine, Kasia. Comment by: Mateusz   
i was called casha as a child...i dont know if it is spelled properly though. i was also told it meant catherine in polish. i always liked it. kashka meant an older girl and casha meant a younger child, from what i understand. Comment by: catherine   
I often heard the word skeetch ka to refer to a kind of silly cute girl. Dudek for a silly boy; don't know how to spell them. Comment by: Paula   


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